Global investment in Cuba offers exciting new developments in many key industries, including agriculture, infrastructure, energy, and more.

Cuba’s reintroduction to the global market unlocks opportunities for the island’s development and outside business enterprises.

Potential Industries of Interest

Global Investment in Cuba's biotechnology


Cuba already has an active biotechnology industry and sells its vaccines and pharmaceuticals to more than 50 countries around the world. Foreign investment in this space could yield significant results within a relatively short time.


While agriculture accounts for a small percentage of Cuba’s gross domestic product, the agricultural industry employs one-fifth of the country’s population and covers almost a one-third of the island. There is a real potential for significant shared profit through global agricultural investment.

Global investment in Cuba's agriculture
Global Investment in Cuba's manufacturing


With a highly educated workforce and room for enormous growth, Cuba is a promising location for investment in manufacturing operations. Moreover, its proximity to the lucrative U.S. and Canadian markets provides the potential for drastically shortened supply lines as compared to traditional manufacturing solutions based in Asia or even elsewhere in Latin America.


Development of Cuba’s infrastructure is essential to many other industries’ expansion. The Cuban Government knows this, and is soliciting foreign investment in a wide range of infrastructure projects. Given Cuban interest, prospects abound for foreign investment, aimed at growing Cuba’s transportation, energy, and communications infrastructure, among others.

Global investment in Cuba's infrastructure
Global investment in Cuba's energy


The Cuban Government has called for investment in a wide range of energy projects, and has expressed particular interest in clean energy enterprises such as wind, solar, and biomass. Consequently, the country offers investors an unprecedented opportunity to build a strong, renewable energy system from the ground up.


Tourism – already one of the main sources of revenue in the country – is an industry that will only grow larger and more profitable with the growth of other industries and the increase of global investment in Cuba. While this industry remains severely constrained under U.S. embargo regulations, a number of U.S. and foreign businesses are already forging strategic alliances to position themselves to capture future market shares within this space.

Global investment in Cuba's tourism
Global investment in Cuba's telecommunications


Cuba’s telecommunications industry is open to great advancement possibilities, especially with the demand and interest on the part of the Cuban people, and the openings provided by recent amendments to U.S. regulations. Global investment in this sector is likely to reap significant financial and social benefits for the Cuban people and foreign investors alike.