Working with Cuba

Cuba represents a new frontier for investors in several major industries. For businesses armed with the right knowledge and relationships, Cuba holds the promise of growth, shortened supply lines, expanded reach, and access to new goods, services, and markets. Reneo Consulting holds the key to expansion in the Cuban market; its familiarity with the regulatory landscape, understanding of Cuba’s unique business environment, and on-island connections allow its clients to position themselves effectively.

Challenges of Investing in Cuba

Cuba’s market poses a unique set of challenges to potential investors. As in all business ventures, global investors looking at opportunity in Cuba want assurances that their investments are secure. Using its understanding of the business environment and the needs of the Cuban people, along with its relationships with key players in Cuba, Reneo Consulting can assist investors in structuring their investments to offer maximum protection.

Benefits for the Cuban People

Smart investors realize that, in order to succeed, business ventures in Cuba must also closely track the needs and aspirations of the Cuban people. Reneo Consulting understands that the best business opportunities are consistent with Cuba’s own goals for economic growth and must build on the island’s existing strengths. By identifying and developing projects in sectors that complement the Cuban people’s own objectives, such as growth of agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure, global investors increase their chances of building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships on the island.