Air Date: January 7, 2016

Scott Gilbert was featured for the third time on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick, a SiriusXM radio show hosted by stand-up comedian and politics enthusiast Pete Dominick and produced by Alfred Schulz, Melanie Starling, and Chris Hauselt. The interview discussed what has changed since President Obama’s declaration of normalized relations between the U.S. and Cuba on December 14, 2014, including Mr. Gilbert’s assessment of where we stand today. The segment also briefly touched on Guantanamo Bay, and Mr. Gilbert outlined what U.S. companies can and should be doing now to position themselves in Cuba, despite the fact that the trade embargo remains intact. The focus of the three-hour SiriusXM Insight program each day ranges from current events, politics, environmental issues, veterans affairs to parenting.

Scott D. Gilbert is the Washington D.C.-based attorney and managing director of Reneo Consulting LLC, whose pro bono work on U.S./Cuban relations led to the release of aid worker Alan Gross and has helped de-ice the ocean of political difference between the two countries. He joined Pete this morning to discuss where things are now, one year removed from the moment President Obama began lifting the restrictions on relations and travel to the island nation.”

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