At Reneo Consulting, we help private and public entities solve their most intractable and complicated problems.

Our work for clients seeking to do business in Cuba is no different. We have built strong and lasting relationships with the Cuban Government and Cuba’s emerging business sector, which enable us to assist businesses in gaining a foothold in this challenging, yet promising marketplace.

Medical business in Cuba

Doing Business in Cuba

Cuba has incredible growth potential. As an emerging hub for tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, and biotechnology, Cuba has much to offer to enhance the global economy. In order to identify and seize these opportunities, U.S. and foreign businesses must understand the political, cultural, and investment climate in Cuba. With much uncharted territory ahead, Reneo Consulting is a critical asset to businesses trying to navigate the Cuban market.

Challenges of Investing in Cuba

Cuba is a promising business landscape, but challenges persist – some typical of many other evolving economies, others closely tied to Cuba’s unique history and business climate. To overcome these challenges, investors need an insider’s expertise and input. Reneo Consulting’s knowledge of the marketplace and on-island relationships makes it an invaluable partner in working to identify and secure your investment in Cuba.

Seizing Opportunities in the Cuban Market

Cuba is poised to enter a new era of growth. The country’s unique market is developing and opening to significant import, export, and investment opportunities. Businesses that begin to conduct market research and build relationships in Cuba now, even before U.S. sanctions are lifted, will establish important relationships and secure a place in future business enterprises. For companies starting this process, Reneo Consulting’s relationships and knowledge of the Cuban investment landscape is critical.

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